Welcome to the digital age. You can get any food you want, delivered to your house, win trivial arguments, get directions and solve problems, all from the palm of your hand. With the same effort it takes to check your feed.

What a time to be alive.

With the heavy reliance on technology to keep us connected, we’ve also opened the door to cyberbullying, an issue which is plaguing young people.

Over fifty per cent of our young people have experienced cyberbullying at some point, and one in five 14 to 15-year-olds report being the victim of bullying.

It’s no surprise that bullying and peer victimisation negatively impacts mental health, which contributes to suicide as the leading cause of death in people aged 15 to 24.

Young people’s  lives matter.

We need to change the way we challenge cyberbullying, and how we support those online who are experiencing it.



If it isn’t something you would want your boss or grandma seeing, then it’s probably best not to put it on the internet.


Are you experiencing online bullying? The best response is action without reaction. Use # to stop the abuse in its tracks.

So you’ve used the stop sign emoji and they haven’t stopped. The skill is to disengage while still bringing attention to their behaviour. You can use another #. If you need to, you can also report abuse to Instagram by simply swiping left on a comment and pressing “Report this comment”. 

Remember their behaviour is about them not about you.  

If you find yourself feeling bullied over a private message, or on your own personal social media page, remember you’re in control of who you keep in your circle on social media. Just give them the  and then hit ‘block’ and ‘delete’.


We want to support our friends and people we know who are being bullied.  You can use # as a way to show your support.

If you see something online that doesn’t sit right with you, comment #. Your bravery can inspire others to assess their own behaviour online.

If you see #, by liking this, the person experiencing the abuse can feel they are not alone and have support.

Let’s support each other by supporting the cause. 

If you want to put a stop cyberbullying and abuse online, draw a stop sign on your hand, tag @stopbullyingwa and spread the word. 

# to end cyberbullying.